Pedro Fortuny Ayuso

Profesor Ayudante Doctor, Matemática Aplicada

Escuela Politécnica de Ingenieria de Gijón

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Professional and personal interests

Software Development

I (used to, I am now a full-time mathematician) focus mainly on Perl development, but know C, Ruby, Java, C++ and have done some Lisp. Work I have done includes:

I have also done some for-fun development. For example:

That may give you an idea of my abilities: both fast, ad-hoc solutions for a need (which is what script languages are mainly for) and detailed, complete software development for long-term use.

I have also done the casual patch of a piece of software for my own (or my employers') needs.

Resumé and Photo

General info

I am a 1971-born Mathematician (some people would say I am an Algebraic Geometer); got my degree from Salamanca, which I am quite proud of, and my PhD from Valladolid -also proudly, but the place is less famous, even though the two Universities are almost the same age- and spent some time as a Post-doc (as a Marie Curie fellow) at Queen Mary College, in London. Specifically, I have studied singularities of foliations on the complex plane and their relation with valuations. I have published some papers and given some talks on the subject.

IRL, I am an IT hobbyist, I administer the local networks (linux/windows/OS X) of a Spanish hall of residence, have developed a Perl program to manage on-line tests for a professor of History at Valladolid (please notice that I am a programmer, not a designer) and right now am in the process of writing a Ruby on Rails application for a medical friend. I know C by heart, but my only real programming experience in it has been for helping a couple of friends in their graduation assignments. I did also some Java during my post-doctoral experience.

Also while in London (what a fruitful experience), I developed a taste for Financial Mathematics: Brownian motion, Itô, Black-Scholes and so on. This is a field I think I can work at in the (near?) future.

In case you are wondering, yes, I use LaTeX as my typesetting tool and emacs as my editor. As of vi, I prefer nano.

I have done some Wikipedia stuff (I am even a sysop still). However, as you may see in that link, I am not quite happy with the result. I have strong feelings on the subject.

Finally, I like English literature a lot. To give you an idea: T.S. Eliot, E. Waugh, H. James, ... are the usual suspects whose books are to be found hanging around on my nightstand.

What follows is related to the past, but still relevant

Network and Security Consulting and Deployment

I used to work as a freelance network/security consultant and deployer for small sized organizations (tens of computers at most). Typical jobs I consult for are:

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